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Q: Can I afford to invest? How much can I borrow?

With a stable income and equity in your home or savings, BASSI investment consultant can calculate if you can safely afford to invest in property and how much you can borrow from the bank.


Q: What is the process for property development?

The decision of developing may be overwhelming, with our experience in tackling a range of strata lot subdivision and unit developments, we understand the challenges and your concerns, thus it is vital to get everything right from the beginning:

Step 1: Assessing the site

Step 2: Designing and planning your development

Step 3: Preparing plans and drawings

Step 4: Development Pre-start

Step 5: Construction

Step 6: Handover


Q: Can a foreigner buy an investment property?

Yes, but you may require approval. Refer to for further information.


Q: I am buying a new property and the developer has given me a copy of a pre‑approval letter dated several years ago, and told me I don't need to submit an application for approval. Is this correct?

Yes. If the developer has been granted pre‑approval to sell new dwellings to foreign persons, this means that the individual foreign purchaser doesn't need to submit an application for approval. The pre-approval does not expire – it remains valid as long as you are buying a new dwelling in the development identified in the pre‑approval letter, and buying this from the developer named in the pre‑approval letter.